All of our facials are tailored to the specific needs of the individual, using modern technology such as ultrasound or super sonic skin scrubber, described at the bottom of the page.

Radio Frequency Facial – Price $110

Benefits: Skin tightening, improves facial contours, eliminates shadows under eyes. Increase natural collegen and elastin production in ski

Needless Mesotherapy Facial – Price $110

Good for sensitive skin (acne & rosacea), hyperpigmentation and depigmentation reduction.

Ultrasonic Facial – $110



Ella’s Signature Facial
Cutting Edge Modalities For Ultimate Treatment!
Price: $120   

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Designed for mature and aging or sun damaged skin


For mature or skin with acne, with use of galvanic technology for deeper penetration of products. Clinical Facial includes:
• Acne clearing system
• Power E (paraffin facial)
• Vitamineral (builds collagen from deep within)
• Oxygenation (improves circulation and elasticity)
• Flexx C (firming facial rich in Omega-3 fatty acids)

90 Minutes – $98

The best way to smoother, more youthful skin

1 Session – $95

6 Sessions – $475 (buy 5, 6th free)

Focusing on acne

60 Minutes – $70


Ultrasound is a sound pressure wave of frequency above the upper limit of human hearing, over 20,000Hz. It is a more and more popular way of cleaning the skin called cavitation peeling. Ultrasound wave with presence of gentle tonic creates bubbles filled with diluted air, which grow and rapidly burst. Under temperature and higher pressure it reaches very accurately and totally painless skin cleaning from toxins and secretion of sebaceous glands. This method does not require heating up therefore it can be safely used on vascular and sensitive skin.

Super Sonic Skin Scrubber

Spectacular regenerating effects are obtained by combining cavitation peeling with sonophoresis, which is infusing active ingredients deep into the skin using ultrasonic wave.
• Painless, detailed cleaning of skin on the face, neck and chest.
• Assist in controlling acne.
• Lighten discoloration and pigmentation spots. Improve skin tone. Oxygenate the skin.
• Help strengthen blood vessels.
• Stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissue, accelerating smoothing of scars.
• Eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes by improving circulation of blood and lymph. Also reduce swelling around the eye.
• Smooth and moisturize the skin.
• Reduce lines and wrinkles.
• Break down the fat molecules to improve the efficiency of cellulite treatment and firming.